Special Events

2017 Special Events at the Adventure Park

Apr 22- Earth Day in the Park

Apr 29- Arbor Day in the Park

May 10 & Aug 3- College Night

May 14- Mother’s Day in the Trees

May 19- Lumberjack Glow Night

May 29- Memorial Day in the Trees

June 8- Single’s Night

June 15- 80’s Retro Glow Night

June 18- Father’s Day in the Trees

June 28- Color Fest

July 4- Red, White, and Blue Climb

July 6- Strike Three Thursday

July 12 (July 13 Raindate)- Prince and Princess of the Forest

July 20- Glow Night Under the Sea Glow

July 26- Water Wars: The Hydro-Revolution

Aug 1- Superhero Family Day

Aug 3- College Night 2

Aug 9- Water Wars 2

Aug 17- Pajama Party Glow Night

Aug 23- Murder Mystery/Couple’s Night

August 30- Motown Night

Aug 29 to Sep 1- Back to School Charity Week

Sept 4- Labor Day in the Trees

Sep 10- Football Tailgate

Sep 15- Zombie Apocalypse Glow Night

Sep 21- Single’s Night 2

Sept 29- Scout Night

Oct 6-29- The Haunted Forest (Fridays-Sundays only)


All events and dates are subject to change.

Please watch our year in review video below that summarizes the 2016 special events at the Adventure Park

Watch our year in review video that features our 2016 special events

2016 Year in Review









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